CfP: Tourism and the City – The Urban Transcripts Journal

The Urban Transcripts Journal is looking for contributions adressing the relationship between tourism and the city. Submissions should deal with the following questions:

How does global tourism impact on the sustainability of local communities? What is the role of the new ‘sharing economy’ of tourism in a redefined relationship between tourism and the city? Have cities become “overbooked”? How relevant are frameworks such as “carrying capacity” and “limits of acceptable change” today? Is there a difference between a tourist and a traveller? Are there forms of tourism that are more or less sustainable than others? Can the city balance the needs of tourists and locals in a mutually beneficial way?

Deadline is October 31, 2017

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CfP AAG 2017

The complex geographies of inequality in contemporary slum tourism

CfP Association of American Geographers

Boston 5th to 9th April 2017

The visitation of areas of urban poverty is a growing phenomenon in global tourism (Burgold & Rolfes, 2013; Dürr & Jaffe, 2012; Freire-Medeiros, 2013; Frenzel, Koens, Steinbrink, & Rogerson, 2015). While it can be considered a standard tourism practise in some destinations, it remains a deeply controversial form of tourism that is greeted with much suspicion and scepticism (Freire-Medeiros, 2009). In the emerging research field of slum tourism, the practices are no longer only seen as a specific niche of tourism, but as empirical phenomena that bridge a number of interdisciplinary concerns, ranging from international development, political activism, mobility studies to urban regeneration (Frenzel, 2016).

In this session we aim to bring together research that casts the recent developments in slum tourism research. We aim specifically in advancing geographical research while retaining a broad interdisciplinary outlook.

Please sent your abstract or expressions of interest of now more than 300 words to Tore E.H.M Holst (tehh (at) and Thomas Frisch (Thomas.Frisch (at) by October 15th 2016.

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A great variety of tourism related calls for papers are also avaialbe on the AAG Recreation,Tourism and Sport Specialty Group’s blog. See here for more details:

Touristifizierter Alltag – Alltäglicher Tourismus: Neue Perspektiven auf das Stadttouristische

Call for Papers

Die Urban Research Group New Urban Tourism veranstaltet am 11. & 12. Mai 2017 eine Konferenz am Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung der HU Berlin zum Thema: Touristifizierter Alltag – Alltäglicher Tourismus: Neue Perspektiven auf das Stadttouristische. Dazu laden wir an dieser Stelle interessierte (Nachwuchs-)WissenschaftlerInnen zur Beitragseinreichung ein.

In Kürze finden Sie an dieser Stelle ebenfalls aktuelle Hinweise zur Konferenz!

Call for Papers (Deutsch)
Call for Papers (English)


AGE XV Colloquium of Tourism Geography

The AGE (Spanish Association of Geographers) XV Colloquium of Tourism Geography will be organized by the Geography Department of the University of the Balearic Islands. The meeting will be held in Palma (Mallorca) between 6-8 October 2016. The key speaker will be Rob Fletcher, from the Sociology of Development and Change Department (Wageningen University, The Netherlands). Discussion boards will introduce further topics. Two fieldtrips will be organized to link theory and practice visiting Valldemossa, Deià, Escorca, Pollença and Alcúdia.
The themes covered will be the relation of tourism with capitalism crisis, nature
conservation and sharing economy. The main language of the Colloquium will be Spanish, but the organizers encourage the submission of contributions in any other language of Spain, English or French. Abstracts should be submitted by 19 February 2016, and should be sent to, and should be no longer than 3,000 characters (including spaces).

The topics are:

1. Tourism and crisi
2. Ecotourism
3. Sharing tourism

Deadline for abstract submission: 19.2.2016
Weiterführende Informationen: Call for contribution_XV Colloquium of Tourism Geography


Exploring Nightlife: Space, Society and Governance

We are currently seeking contributions for an anthology on nightlife and the nighttime economy. The editors are seeking contributions from new and established scholars working on the night-time economy, specifically in relation to the themes of regeneration, tourism, governance and gentrification. While the editors approach this field from a sociological perspective, contributions from across the social sciences, in particular geography, anthropology, planning, cultural studies and tourism, are strongly encouraged.

Possible topics might include, but are not limited to:
– The night-time economy and socio-spatial urban segregation
– The gentrification of nightlife
– Studentification of the urban night
– Nightlife, branding and tourism (including in coastal resorts)
– Marginal/Peripheral nightscapes
– Regulation of spaces and districts
– Regulation of consumption and licensing
– Nightlife Programs (local administration, etc.)

Deadline for abstract submission: 24.03.2016 (300-500 words)
Weiterführende Informationen: Call for contribution_Exploring nighlife_book proposal

Open Call von stadtform

Open Call von stadtform zum Thema “REMMI DEMMI – DIE VERSPIELTE STADT”: Wo eben noch Gosse war ist jetzt Parkett. Der Park vor der Haustür ist jetzt ein Jazzfestival. Korken knallen, denn es wird verkleidet gegen AIDS gefeiert oder im Bierzelt rülpsend die Nation verteidigt. Die Partytram wummert verloren im Kreis. Ach, wer will schon schlafen. Denn mit der U-Bahn wird jetzt Mister X gejagt und wo eben noch Leerstand gähnte, gruselt jetzt ein »live escape game«. Vorhang auf, Münzen raus. Der Zirkus ist in der Stadt und er will einfach nicht mehr gehen. Festivals, Kunst, Kreativität und Kultur sind zu Aushängeschildern von Städten geworden. Wer wohnen will, will anscheinend auch feiern. Doch wer zahlt den Preis dafür, dass Städte zu Spielzeugen und Open Air Events werden? Wieso sind Casinos schick und Wettcafés scheisse? Dürfen wirklich alle mitspielen? Und: Werden wir durch Brot und Spiele satt und zahm gehalten? stadtform will wissen was am Spiel steht und bittet um Beiträge zur Politik von Großereignissen, Festivalisierung, Ausverkauf von Kunst & Raum etc. – die Würfel sind noch nicht gefallen. Deadline Ideenskizze: 10.2.2016 Weiterführende Informationen: stadtform_opencall_4